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Lawyers Without Borders works to build capacity and integrity in the world’s justice sectors. We engage with lawyers and judges dedicated to pro bono service and integrate them into initiatives that directly or indirectly serve the underserved, protect the disadvantaged, and promote human rights.

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Global Reach

LWOB has projects in Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Central and South America.


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Making A Difference

Some Of Our Projects

Human Trafficking

In 2016, LWOB received a U.S. State Department funded grant, “The Improving Prosecution and Capacity through Training on TIP” (IMPACT TIP-TAN) to improve efforts to combat Trafficking in Persons (“TIP”) in Tanzania. Over the past three years, the IMPACT TIP-TAN program improved TIP investigations and prosecutions in Tanzania through capacity building training and materials development for criminal justice participants...

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Wildlife Trafficking

An important part of combating wildlife crime is establishing strong community ties and helping wildlife officers in the human/wildlife conflict that they encounter every day. Part of LWOB’s wildlife trafficking programming focuses on...

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Counter-terrorism: Kenyan Prosecutor Training Institute

The CESTI project (Collaborative to Establish a Training Institute ), a U.S. State Department Bureau of Counterterrorism funded grant, was launched in Nairobi, Kenya in September 2017 to develop a Public Prosecutor Training Institute (PTI) focused on substantive counter-terrorism cases.

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Promoting Safe & Fair Migration from Kenya to the Gulf States

LWOB partnered with Verité Fair Labor Worldwide in a project entitled, 'Promoting Safe and Fair Migration from Kenya to the Gulf States.' The project’s goal is to strengthen the capacity of various Government of Kenya (GoK) ministries to enforce ethical labor recruitment policies and standards. LWOB aimed to promote the investigation and prosecution of illegal labor recruitment practices through policy development and detail-focused, capacity-building trainings and materials for criminal justice actors.

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Child Labor and Forced Labor

Child labor exists in every region of the world, depriving children of education, exposing them to danger, and reinforcing inter-generational cycles of poverty. Governments and other actors tackle the problem through a variety of methods, including initiatives that strengthen legal protections and enforcement mechanisms, address poverty, improve access to education, and mobilize public support for children’s rights.

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