2021 Rule of Law Seminar

How can rule of law be constructively engaged and implemented to address the needs and bridge the gaps between domestic and international law that most affect vulnerable groups? Through understanding and learning international best practices, not only are vulnerable groups served, but equality among individuals and rule of law are upheld as well. If you are dedicated to the universal principles that anchor equitable treatment of all individuals, this will be an ideal course to help you understand international law and its societal role.

The Rule of Law Seminar will take place two hours a day, on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday in December, 2021. The seminar brings together leading international academics and practitioners with diverse backgrounds who are experienced in leadership strategies and who will demonstrate how those strategies can be employed to connect like-minded stakeholders. This three-week-long program is designed to develop how to critically think about rule of law and how to formulate winning strategies and design the messaging aimed at growing and supporting rule of law-oriented approaches to globally recognized individual human rights. The seminar is sponsored by Lawyers Without Borders, a leading international organization dedicated to supporting legal professionals and civil society stakeholders by improving their capacities and understanding of universal values and instruments that ground rule of law.

If you are a legal professional, human rights worker, or law student with an interest in supporting vulnerable groups, we encourage you to apply to participate. Every hour you spend immersed in this program will improve your understanding of the challenges and opportunities you might encounter in your workplace and in the field to promote rule of law. By joining this diverse cohort of international lawyers, you will grow your network as well as have the opportunity to share your own experiences. Most important, the program will improve your ability to lead and take decisive action, and create impact. The program’s agenda is designed to combine instruction with peer networking. You will leave with the confidence to achieve the following:

Graduates will receive a certificate in effective leadership for their participation and successful completion of this course.

Application Details 

Program admissions were conducted on a rolling basis. Applicants submitted their CVs and the completed application forms (download here) to ContinuingEducation@lwob.org. Incomplete applications were not considered. The application closed on September 20, 2021. Please check the Call for Participation page for open programs.