Training Materials

LWOB’s training and research materials include country guides, teaching manuals, mock case files, eLearning materials, videos, educational board and card games, posters, and graphic comic books. LWOB also produces laminated Rapid Reference Cards (RRCs) that summarize key statutes, rules, and laws of a specific country.

Our materials are first created in English and subsequently translated into one or more local languages. In the past, translations have included the following languages: Swahili, Amharic, Creole, Nepali, French, and Spanish.

Graphic Novels

LWOB developed the ‘graphic novel’ as one of its educational training tools based on findings that adults retain more information when learning from a graphic novel than from a textbook. The use of storytelling in a graphic novel enables students to become “active perceivers” rather than “passive readers” because they must interpret and analyze the visual depictions. LWOB trainers observed that the trainees frequently read beyond the assigned pages and were eager to take the materials home to finish the stories. Trainees also expressed interest in using the graphic novels to train colleagues.

covers of training materials